Technical SEO Services:

Technical SEO is often neglected among marketers looking to optimise website’s, improve rankings, increase web traffic and so on. However, this part of search engine optimisation is very important and extra care should be taken to get it right.

Technical SEO & Optimisation Services

You can’t run before you can walk. If your website isn’t technically sound, you will find your SEO efforts (such as your keyword research) don’t go as planned. For that reason, it’s crucial that you understand what technical SEO is and why it is important for search.

What is Technical SEO?

If you aren’t familiar with SEO, you will likely find yourself wondering what certain things mean. Let’s take search engine optimisation for example. There are many words/phrases that can go in front or after ‘SEO’ that give it a different meaning. Local, on-page, off-site are just a few examples and in this case, “technical”.

Technical SEO refers to the indexing and crawling elements of your website, assessing how well a website can be crawled and whether it stands a chance of indexing.

Why is Technical SEO important?

Technical SEO is defined by configurations that can be implemented to the website and server which can impact the indexability and crawlability of your website by the search engines.

If your website can’t be crawled then it can’t be indexed, and it certainly won’t be able to rank. Therefore, technical SEO should be taken seriously and should form part of any SEO strategy.

The good thing about technical SEO? Once you get it right, it’s rare that you will need to look at it again. Once your website has had a technical SEO audit and any potential problems have been fixed, you shouldn’t have to think about it anymore.

This leaves you with more time to think about off-page SEO (link building) and on-page SEO to improve your content.

Technical SEO checklist:

There are several important things that should be considered when looking at technical SEO. To ensure your website stands the best chance of being crawled and indexed, you should take the time to assess/fix/implement the following points:

  • Choose a preferred domain
  • Check/optimise your robots.txt file
  • Check/optimise your website URL structure
  • Consider your website structure and navigation
  • Add breadcrumb menus with schema markup
  • Add structured data to pages/posts/important parts of your website
  • Check your canonical URL’s
  • Implement and optimise your 404 page
  • Purchase an SSL and enable https
  • Optimise and submit an XML sitemap to Google
  • Look at load time and page speed
  • Look at how mobile friendly your website is
  • Check for broken links and fix accordingly
  • Fix redirect chains
  • Consider AMP pages (Accelerated Mobile Pages)
  • Verify your website with Google Search Console (formerly Webmaster Tools)
  • Submit pages to Google when you want them to be crawled/indexed

How can we help?

A technical SEO audit will check and identify the elements you need to optimise that will help search engines to crawl and index your website without any problems.

We can carry out a technical SEO audit to find out what problems you may be facing with your website and outline what elements need fixing.

Following on from this, we can create an SEO strategy combining the key technical elements with on-page/content/link building elements to produce a well-rounded plan that will help to improve your online visibility.

If you’d like to speak to someone about technical SEO, take the time to get in touch and speak to an experienced consultant today.

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