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Speaking to an SEO consultant should do more than just educate you, it should inspire you to make the right changes to your website – or at least get help from someone who knows what they are doing.

Search engine marketing consultants are worth their weight in gold if you need help identifying keywords or require a link building strategy to help you build domain authority.

If you want to rank your website higher organically, increase the number of website visitors you get and generate more sales/enquiries for your business, talking to a local search consultant could be the most intelligent move you make as a business this year!

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Expert SEO Consultancy Services

We are professional search consultants with a genuine passion for getting results for our clients.

As an agency, we come with years of experience when it comes to helping local and national clients to realise their goals and generate more business through their website.

We have a real knack for ranking websites for national e-commerce terms and clients offering local services in some of the UK’s biggest cities.

So, here’s the real question everyone is dying to ask but usually refrains from doing so directly…

SEO Consultants


Honestly - It’s a tricky question and one without a definitive answer.

There are too many things to consider when it comes to estimating how long a website will take to get to the 1st page.

Some of the key things to consider include:

How old is your domain?

Generally speaking, the older, the better. Newer domain’s will usually take longer to rank as they have no strength or ‘authority’ behind them. If your domain is brand-new, under 6-months old, it will likely take longer to get to the 1st page, depending on the competitiveness of your keywords.

How many links point to your website?

Links from other site’s act as confidence signals in the eyes of the search engines, showing that other website owners are willing to link to you. More isn’t necessarily better when it comes to link building, so you should exercise caution with any kind of link building. Look to build high quality links, rather than trying to get as many as possible.

Are the links high quality?

Not all links are deemed to be equal. High quality links from established sites will serve you much better than spammy links on random websites with no relevance.

Has your website been hit with a penalty?

Search engines (mainly Google) don’t like website’s that it thinks are spammy or have too many keywords stuffed on it. Old school or black hat SEO tactics are a good way to get hit with a Google penalty and if your website has been hit with a penalty, it will take significantly longer to rectify.

To give you an indication of how long 1st page positions will take to achieve, we have created a rough guide below.

Our rough (and short) guide on ‘how long 1st page positions on Google will take’?

This is by no means gospel and is designed purely as a rough guide for people wanting an actual answer:

1-3 months for low to low competition keywords.

3-6 months for medium competition keywords.

6-12 months for high competition keywords.

Of course, if you have a website with decent authority behind it and you already rank on page 2/3, it will much easier to get to page 1 than with a new domain that has no history or rankings.

It also helps considerably if you have an SEO friendly website design that is fast to load and mobile resposive!

Told you it was a short guide.

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Newcastle SEO Consultancy Services

What should I expect from an SEO Consultant?

Working with any SEO consultant should be personal to you and your business. There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to SEO and any consultant who tells you otherwise should be approached with caution.

Search consultancy will usually involve a one-to-one service with the company in question to outline goals and expectations from the word go. Whether you want a DIY plan or a company to carry out the SEO work for you, the consultant you choose should show passion for what they do and be able to provide case studies of recent clients where SEO has been a success.

If the person you are dealing with can’t give you any examples, it will either mean they are a brand-new company without any or they simply don’t have any…

If they can’t give you any details of recent successes, run for the hills!

What will a consultant be able to provide me with?

Here’s a list of things we can provide for clients who choose to utilise our consultancy service:

Keyword analysis

Competitor analysis

Website technical audit

On-page SEO guides

Off-site SEO guides

Citation and link building strategies

Content strategies

5 Compelling Reasons why your Website Needs SEO!

#1 You’re miles behind your competition:

If you’re not on page one, chances are your biggest competitors are! This means you will be losing out on lots of business to your competition that will help them to build a bigger brand and stay at the top. The sooner you invest in SEO to start getting your website ranking, the faster you will catch them! It’s not a quick process, but you have to start somewhere.

#2 You need people to click on your website:

If your website isn’t getting traffic, this is another great reason to consider using an SEO agency to get you found online. Better rankings will help attract more visitors to your website, especially if you are on page one, and will help get you the enquiries/sales you desperately want.

#3 Return on investment is better than other marketing techniques:

SEO offers one of the best returns on investment available in the online marketing world. That’s because SEO costs around 2.2% the amount of paid search in the long run, making it a far more sustainable strategy for the long term.

#4 To build brand awareness and website authority:

Having solid rankings on the 1st page of Google for your primary keywords will help you to become an authority in your industry. The more people associate your brand name with the terms they are searching for, the more strength your brand will gain.

#5 SEO = Sustainable marketing:

Once your website ranks highly for your chosen keywords, you will get a ton of targeted traffic that will help to get you more business. As a long-term marketing solution geared around getting more inbound enquiries/sales, SEO is one of the most powerful, sustainable marketing solutions that can be applied to most businesses and websites.

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