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What is Search Engine Marketing?

Search Engine Marketing is a digital strategy used to increase the online visibility of website’s in the SERP’s (search engine results pages). Pay per click or ‘paid advertising’ will often be referred to as search engine marketing too, however some experts (us included) believe SEM better describes the broader range of online marketing services, not just paid search.

An Introduction to SEM.

If you aren’t familiar with search marketing, take the time to watch this short introduction and learn more about what it is and what it entails.

Different Ways of Advertising Your Business Website Online:

When it comes to promoting your brand or website online, there are many routes we can take to get you found and put you in front of an audience. These include:

PPC (Pay Per Click Services)

Pay per click advertising campaigns can be used to get instant results online, catapulting you to the top of the search results in the section often referred to as the ‘ad section’.

PPC involves careful keyword research to determine what words you should be targeting and where. A great campaign will often involve looking at the full sales funnel, from writing the adverts, through to designing the landing pages where potential customers will land.

An excellent campaign will also involve look at the resulting sales pages to help ensure your website CONVERTS. This will maximise the return on investment from your advertising budget.

Organic Search / Website Rankings

Getting your website found locally is a more sustainable way of putting your website in front of an audience (see our local SEO tips for more information on getting found locally in Newcastle). To do this, you will need to implement an effective SEO strategy to ensure you website ranks higher for a broad range of keywords relating to your products, services and industry topics. This will help to drive traffic to your website.

Organic SEO will improve your website rankings to get you to the top of the search results, in front of your competitors, where your customers are looking. A typical organic SEO strategy involves looking at keyword research, on-page and technical optimisation, content and link building – however there are many more elements to consider when it comes to ranking higher in the SERPs.

Online Advertising

SEO Friendly Website Design

Your website is your best online advertising tool and is undoubtedly the main element to consider when it comes to search marketing. Without an SEO friendly website design, you will struggle to put yourself in front of audience – unless you’re a social media master.

Far too many people opt for a website that looks great, but when it comes to optimising it, adding content etc. it doesn’t cut the mustard.

If you want to rank highly in the search results, you need a website that not only looks good, but also stands a chance of getting found. It needs to be fit for search.

Your website should be mobile responsive, designed to convert visitors and have a chance of ranking online. It should have fast load time and all the basics should be ticked off; metadata and H1 tags are a must to begin with. It should also come with compelling content to engage with your customers and keep them on your website. Whether you opt for text, images or videos to do this, keeping visitors on your website is extremely important and a metric search engine’s look at when determining how well a website should rank.

Compelling Content Writing for SEO

The main aim of content writing is to engage with people who land on your website, but you shouldn’t neglect the fundamentals of SEO that will help to get your amazing page of content ranking.

Your content should be created for your users, but should also consider what the search engines look for.

For your page to be successful, keyword research should be carried out. You can do this before you start typing or after you have finished, if you so choose. If you opt for the latter, you will need to implement the keywords and phrases throughout your content.

You will also need to consider your page structure, headings, image optimisation, call to action, videos and your show-stopping metadata that will help not only rank your page, but drive visitors to your website too.

We create tailor-made SEM strategies for a range of businesses from different industries and can do the same for you!

There’s a lot to consider when it comes to search engine marketing, so if it all sounds a little too much for you to handle, that’s OK! You’re the experts at WHAT YOU DO, and we’re the experts at WHAT WE DO.

Interested in how online search marketing can help your Newcastle business? Contact us today and take advantage of our FREE consultation service.

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5 Reasons Why Search Engine Marketing is Important.

If you want to compete with your online rivals, you should seriously consider search engine marketing to help get you found online.

Here’s 5 top reasons why search engine marketing is important for you and our business online.

#1 Search Engines are used by EVERYONE

Pretty much everyone will look online if they have a problem that needs fixing, if they require a company with a specific set of skills or they want to buy something.

All credit to all/any businesses out there managing to run a successful business with a website.

#2 Targeted Search & Search INTENT

You can target people based on the intent of their search / or based on them searching for what you do. Different search queries will indicate a person looking for information or wanting to buy something. Knowing and understanding these queries helps in the creation of sales funnels, considering ad copy, landing pages and the result.

#3 It helps you build a BRAND

Consistently putting your business in front of people for certain search terms associates your business with those search terms. This creates a position for your business in the consumer’s mind, geared around those specific terms. This leads to a lasting share of the market and word-of-mouth (referral) marketing – helping you to build a brand and get more enquiries.

#4 It makes you a REAL BUSINESS

Of course, you can be a real business if you don’t have a website, but people will jump straight online for just about anything these days. Need a toaster? Go online. Fancying a holiday? Look online. Need a company to fix your broken-down boiler? Search online and find the nearest/best option!

Having a website and getting it ranking won’t make you a real business, but if you’re not getting found online, customers won’t know who you are or how to find you…

#5 It can make you MORE MONEY

Ultimately, marketing your website online is done with intention of making more money.

With an effective search engine marketing strategy, you can put your business in front of more people, get more people on your website and get more sales/enquiries.

Without SEM, your competitors will be the one’s benefitting.

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