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Ranking your Website Organically!

To achieve better rankings in the search engine results pages, you should consider organic SEO to help get you found.

Organic search engine optimisation allows you to rank your business website higher in the search results, to generate more web traffic and increase the likelihood of getting more sales/enquiries from your website.

Relying on paid search / search engine marketing to get you found is great (and a fully effective way of increasing your online visibility), however, the best way to rank higher and get more customers, without paying Google for them, is with organic SEO services.

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What is Organic Search Engine Optimisation?

Organic SEO is the process of making a website appealing to search engines, so that they display your business higher in the search results for your chosen keywords.

Here’s a little insight into organic SEO, expertly explained by Digital Garage:

How your Website will Benefit from Search Engine Optimisation.

Advertising has, for some time now, become less and less about paper and more and more about digital marketing – and your business needs to go with it!

Organic SEO is one of the most effective and sustainable forms of online advertising, that can help to create the foundations of a business or turn an already established business into an online powerhouse.

If you want to get more customers using your services or buying your products, organic SEO is one of the best, sustainable ways of doing this.

Search engines require the help of algorithms to determine the relevance and worthiness of website’s around the world. They are, and will always be, limited by programming – even with the ever-changing updates – and will always require people to interpret the website’s they display. An algorithm will only ever be able to guess about the actual quality of a website.

This is where SEO can prove extremely useful and valuable.

Search engine optimisation is the process of portraying a particular website in a way that helps the search algorithms determine what it is about, how useful it is to users and ultimately, if it’s the most RELEVANT website out there to display near the top.

Why does SEO exist? Because it’s so effective and actually works. Organic SEO, expertly carried out by knowledgable SEO consultants will help any website to climb the rankings for the range of keywords they want to be found for.

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6 Benefits of Organic SEO:

Check out our 6 top benefits of organic search engine optimisation to get you found online:

#1 Growing your Business Online

Over 90% of people don’t go past page 1 of the search results when looking for what they need online. Organic SEO will help you to get to page 1 for your primary keywords to generate more leads for your business.

#2 More Time to Relax

Rather than spending time actively pursuing customers, you can get them to come to you. If someone is looking for your services online, you can reap the rewards of showing up organically for your desired terms.

#3 Generate a Return on Investment (ROI)

You’ll be able to track how much extra money your business makes, daily, weekly, monthly or annually – whatever works best for you. In any case, an effective and well-thought out, organic SEO strategy, WILL help to make your business more money.

#4 Building a Brand

The best way to build a brand is for people to see you right? And what’s the best way for people to find what they are looking for these days?....... They search for it online (or ask Siri, Alexa, Google to do it for them).

To build a sustainable brand, you need to become associated with the term’s customers are using to find you. An SEO friendly web design also comes in handy!

#5 Improving your Website User Experience

SEO isn’t all about keywords and rankings. You need a website that converts. The best SEO agency will be able to look at the user-friendliness of your website and make it easier for search engines/people to find you.

#6 Making People Aware

Organic SEO is all about making people aware of your existence and telling them where you are. If you’re on page 1, you can say “HERE I AM!”. If you’re not on page 1… well, you’re probably going to hoping that 1 of the 10% of people who scroll past the 1st page of Google manage to find you and click on you. We don’t like them odds!

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Organic SEO Services Website Rankings

Organic SEO Services: What’s Involved?

Keyword Research.

The first step you need to take to rank your business is choose what search terms you want to rank for or rather, find out which terms would be best to optimise your website for. This requires careful keyword research to establish what people are searching for to find businesses like yours ranking at the top. Keyword research provides the foundations for any SEO campaign and is an important step that shouldn’t be skipped!

Competitor Analysis.

A great way to of determining how long SEO will take to start being effective is to look at your competition and how long they have been established. You might also be able to figure out what budget is required and how profitable certain search queries might be.

On-page Optimisation.

For your website to rank, it needs to have good on-site optimisation. This will give your website the foundations needed for your keywords to perform in the SERP’s. This is an important step that involves looking at the various technical elements (such as speed) that make up your website to ensure it is technically as good as it can be.

Website Structure.

Website’s which are poorly structured rarely rank well in the search results. Your website should be carefully structured in a way where different pages are located relative to each other.


The bane of every business owner’s life. Content.

Unfortunately, organic SEO can’t exist without content and therefore should form part of any quality organic SEO strategy. This is partly where the previously carried out keyword research will come in handy as it will help you to create compelling content.


A good SEO strategy will include looking at the code of your website. This is known as HTML.

Your website code should be clean and well-ordered, using CSS stylesheets to keep things tidy. Your website code should also be optimised with keywords to tell search engines who you are and what you do.

Off-site Optimisation.

Off-site optimisation involves looking at things like directories (citations) to put your business on the map. Listing your main business details in various relevant places across the web will help you build authority. Things to consider here are your Name, Address and Phone number, commonly referred to as NAP.

Link Building.

Any organic SEO strategy should include some form of link building to help build website domain authority and tell search engines that you are a reputable source for which to link to. Backlinks act as a vote of confidence in the eyes of the search engine’s and the right types of links should actively be sought to continue building strength.

We create tailor-made organic SEO strategies for a range of businesses from different industries and can do the same for you!

There’s a lot to consider when it comes to search engine optimisation, so if it all sounds a little too much for you to handle, that’s OK! You’re the experts at WHAT YOU DO, and we’re the experts at WHAT WE DO.

Interested in how online organic SEO can help to achieve top website rankings? Contact us today and take advantage of our FREE consultation service.

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