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Website’s designed with SEO in mind.

If you want to have any chance of succeeding with your Newcastle website design, it needs to be SEO friendly and fit for search.

Far too often we see stunningly beautiful website’s, expertly designed to look fantastic, but they aren’t SEO friendly and will likely never rank online.

What’s the point?

Wouldn’t it be better to have a great looking website that stands a chance of ranking in the SERPs (search engine results pages)?

Of course, it would.

As a business owner/marketing manager (whoever is responsible for the company’s online marketing), you surely want your website to be seen by people, right?

So, why spend thousands of pounds on a fancy looking website that can’t be found in the search engines?

There needs to be a balance!

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SEO and Web Design Go Hand-in-Hand.

The sooner people wise up to this, the better!

The predicament:

Web designers generally dislike SEO’s who supposedly “ruin” their beautifully designed pages with keywords and content and SEO’s dislike web designers who build website’s that can’t be optimised. It’s a never-ending circle and one that can be solved quite easily, by expert marketing consultants who understand the relationship between SEO and web design.

(Replace the word dislike with mutual frustration and it is probably a more accurate description of the relationship between people who do SEO and people who specialise in web design in Newcastle).

Newcastle Web design SEO

SEO Website Design Newcastle

The design of any website is crucial if it stands any chance of converting. Call to action’s needs to be in prominent positions; the linking structure should send people to the right place and make it easy for users to find what they are looking for; and so on.

The two main things people should ask during any website design are:

1. Is it functional for the user?

2. Is it functional for the search engine?

Unfortunately, point 2 is often forgotten by those designing/building the website, making it harder for SEO’s to get results…

But not when we are involved.

Building website’s that are fit for search.

The website’s we build are tailor-made for clients who care about being found online.

As Search Engine Marketing experts, we pay special attention to:

Page Speed:

We understand how important it is to keep people on your website. You don’t want people to bounce away before they have even got there and therefore, every website we build is designed to be super-fast, with low loading times to get people to the answers they are looking for QUICKER.

Mobile Responsiveness:

Approximately 50% of searches are now carried out on mobile devices, therefore, your website should be designed to function on a range of devices from mobile and tablet through to laptop and PC.

Technical SEO:

This includes (but is not restricted to) optimised images, metadata implementation, heading structure and the headings themselves,, link titles and internal linking structure, the speed of your website and various other elements that can contribute to the overall technical makeup of your website.


This is a key point often overlooked by web designers (however things have started to improve, slowly). The content on each page of the website should be carefully examined and created in a way that engages your users and gives them the answer they are looking for. Content is much more than writing 500 words and sprinkling a few keywords throughout the page. Your content should be compelling, thought evoking and draw on the emotions of people reading it. It should also be HYPER-RELEVANT and provide users with the opportunity to take action, in regard to their initial search query.

All websites should be designed according to the user’s journey, as follows:

Unaware of a problem > Aware of the problem > Searching for a solution > Visiting a site > Engaging with a site > Result / Action!

When the hierarchy of a website is forgotten, how will your website visitors get to the end result?

This is something that needs to be considered with any website design, especially when SEO is taken into consideration.

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Newcastle SEO Web Design Services

Promote your website from the word GO!

To effectively promote your business online, your website needs to be impressive; positively portraying who you are and what you do. This is where SEO-friendly website design is important.

We can build modern websites for new and existing businesses, with an SEO friendly design geared around helping you to rank organically online.

To stand the best chance of showing up in search, your website should incorporate search engine optimisation from the start. Most web designers in Newcastle will focus on the beauty and functionality of a website. As a company that specialises primarily in SEO, we can design you a website that comes with technical SEO included. One that is mobile-responsive, fast to load and has compelling content to help you rank!

Get your website designed by someone who understands SEO.

Your website is your number 1 marketing tool when it comes to online advertising. It’s great for it to look good, but far more impressive to have a website that can be seen by visitors as has a chance of converting.

Sure, there are loads of web designers out there that can build you a fancy looking website, but can they get you found locally?

The websites we build are different because they are optimised from the start; giving you the best chance to show up in the search engines.

If you want a fast-loading, mobile-responsive website, optimised to be visible in the search engines, take the time to contact us. We can answer any questions you have and speak more about why it’s important to have an SEO friendly website design for your business.

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